Residential Indoor Air Quality Services for Long Island Home Owners

Air Design Residential Indoor Air Quality Experts Can Help You Protect Your Family’s Health

Indoor air can quickly become more polluted than outdoor air. When indoor air quality is poor, illnesses are more frequent, respiratory issues are exacerbated, and the build-up of microscopic pollutants can have negative health effects on infants, pets and seniors. 

Air Design’s residential indoor air quality experts can show you how to achieve and maintain healthy indoor air quality that reduces the effects of allergens and harmful pollutants.

Reliable, Comprehensive Service for a Healthy and Happy Home

It takes more than a clean home to maintain the safety of your indoor air quality. Our indoor air quality testing and inspection services let you know where your trouble areas are and what your options are for remediation. Once we’ve identified the problems, our courteous, professional indoor air quality specialists will sit down with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your unique needs for the health, safety and comfort of your family.

airAir Design offers comprehensive indoor air quality support, including:

  • Ducts and HVAC system cleaning and disinfecting
  • Filters
  • Air cleaning systems to ensure continuous removal of harmful pollutants
  • Repair of worn parts
  • Preventative maintenance plans

We take extra care to identify and remedy your indoor air quality concerns.

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